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Packaging machine

Beginning of international expansion with the first equipment delivered to a customer in Uruguay. Today Masipack is the leader in its segment in the Latin American market.

First Masipack equipment was installed in the United States, and this equipment is still fully operational at a client’s facility in Joplin, MO.

Masipack North America was established in March 2006. The main goal at that time was to provide local technical support and parts to the local existing customers.

Masipack acquires Helsimplast and expand its product lines to plastic injected materials.

First Masipack Machine

Our Locations

Orlando location

Commercial Facility

Orlando, FL


Sao Paulo location

Manufacturing Facility & Headquarters

São Bernardo, SP


Masipack acquires Fabrima and increases its product line to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic markets.






About Us

Founded in October 1987 as a technical support service for repairs and maintenance of existing equipment from other manufacturers.


First equipment was designed and built as a custom request from a client. Our first VFFS packaging machine MX160SL was installed to package nails in polyethylene plastic bags.

As a result, Masipack became specialized in packaging equipment for a wide range of needs, customizing its machines according to the individual needs of the customers and their products.


Masipack Open House started. It is the largest in-company event in Brazil, where we invite our customers to see the latest in innovation in an area dedicated to display our products together with our vendors and providing customers with an unique experience.


Packaging machine

Ultra VS 300

Packaging machine

Nowadays, Masipack offers a wide range of packaging equipment and solutions to the most various markets and segments.


Masipack has been present in several international events as Pack Expo International in Chicago, Pack Expo Las Vegas, Pack Expo Mexico, IBIE, Snaxpo, Coffee Fest, Fispal, MCE, Interphex, and others.


Masipack's equipment are installed in over 100 countries, in thousands of customers worldwide.


Helsim USA

Other Companies from the Group

Who We Are

Strategically located in São Paulo (SP, Brazil) and Orlando (FL, USA), with representatives around the world, Masipack continues to offer the best and most complete packaging equipment and  solutions for multiple industries.


Masipack manufacturing process is vertically integrated to ensure quality of its products and services, with two manufacturing facilities located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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