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Is Used Packaging Equipment Right for Your Business?

Choose the direction you want, old or new

Who Should Consider Investing in Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment?

If your product and packaging requirements are fairly standard or generic, opting for used machinery might be a prudent choice. Acquiring a machine previously utilized for manufacturing an identical or very similar product could suit your needs. However, for products diverging from this norm, it's strongly advised against purchasing used equipment. Precision in selecting a packaging machine tailored to your product, film, and production speed specifications is imperative. While some may believe all Vertical Form-Fill-Seal (VFFS) machines or baggers are interchangeable, for non-generic products, each machine possesses unique attributes.

Factors to Remember When Dealing with Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment

A significant portion of pre-owned packaging equipment available for sale is non-functional. Operational machinery typically remains in production unless rendered obsolete and upgraded by its owner. Unlike new machines with a standard one-year warranty, the likelihood of parts being under warranty, manufacturer service availability, and documented maintenance history for used machines is minimal. Moreover, obsolete replacement parts required for used equipment are often scarce in the market due to rapid model year advancements. Even if all parts are replaced, a used machine will never match the performance and technology standards of contemporary counterparts. While the initial cost of a used machine may seem appealing, potential expenses incurred due to malfunction can far exceed the purchase price, posing significant risks to business operations.

Disposal of Unwanted Packaging Machinery

Similar to automobiles, packaging machines depreciate in value upon use and are tax deductible. Anticipating depreciation expenses annually is crucial for proper asset management. Trade-ins may be an option for some, but most manufacturers do not accept used equipment due to its diminished value. Selling used packaging equipment often results in substantial financial losses, as subsequent buyers may question the initial purchase decision. Furthermore, selling functional equipment to competitors may inadvertently foster competition, eroding industry barriers. Instead, when retiring old machinery, it's advisable to write off its value, disassemble it, and sell it for scrap to maximize utility.

In conclusion, pre-owned packaging equipment is suitable only for those with standardized product and packaging needs. However, the inherent risks associated with purchasing used machinery necessitate careful consideration. When replacing equipment, opting to sell it for scrap value is a prudent choice to mitigate potential competitive threats in the future.


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